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Valley View Dental is one of the first dental offices in the country to utilize digital 3D scanning to revolutionize denture care.

We take a conventional impression or mold of your mouth. This mold is then scanned into our computer, which allows us to make the denture digitally. This is a revolution in the denture making process. It results in less appointments to make dentures, better fitting dentures, and stronger dentures – all for the same price. In addition, since the dentures are created digitally, we will always have a record of them, so if they are lost or broken, you would not have to go through the entire denture making procedure again. We have a virtual computer model of them and could make you new ones from this model for a significant discount to starting over from scratch.

We also have the ability to make implant retained dentures. Many people don’t have enough ridge or bone to support their dentures fully. This creates loose and poor fitting dentures. Mini implants can be put into the bone and the dentures secured to these implants. Patients who have had this procedure done would never go back to their old loose fitting dentures. Imagine being able to eat without worry of them coming out, or having to use excessive amounts of dental adhesive. Ask us if mini implants are right for you.