Why Choose Us


We think the most important reason to choose us is because we are honest and fair. We have developed a great reputation

and loyal patient following by being straight up front with our patients and treating them with respect. We will give you all of your options and associated prices.


We are local. Our dentists grew up and live in the community. All of our staff is also local and we understand our patient’s

needs and concerns.


We pride ourselves on performing excellent dentistry. All dentistry is not created equal, and we are constantly

doing the little things and going out of our way to make sure that your dental work is of the highest quality possible.


We have the most advanced technology – even more than most urban area dental practices. We are one of the first offices in

the country to be able to utilize 3D scanning and CAD software to create our dentures digitally instead of the time consuming older methods. We also have a CEREC machine which can make crowns in a single visit, saving you valuable time.


We have 3 dentists and 3 hygienists and a support staff to provide a wide range of services. Having so many dentists here

means that you can be seen sooner and have more options available locally without having to be referred out. We perform root canals, extractions, implants, digital dentures, just to name a few procedures that many offices would have to send you somewhere else for. So you can have more treatment done under one roof, saving you time and money.


Having multiple dentists means that we are able to better control our overhead. Even though we have a state of the art

facility, use first class materials, and strive towards the highest quality possible – we are able to keep our prices below those of our competitors. Don’t be fooled by large dental chains and their deceptive advertising. At Valley View Dental you will get more personalized care, higher quality care, and for a price that is well below others.


We treat patients how we ourselves or our family members would want to be treated. You are our friends, neighbors,

and relatives and we will treat you as such.